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Silverlight Console provides a Console Window Control and an extensible Executable Commands (Script-Action) Framework for use in a Silverlight Application.

15 May 10 NEW Released Silverlight Console 2 (Silverlight 4)


Also uploaded the source, which includes a sample project (shown above).

29 Dec 09 Blogged: Introducing Silverlight Console

- Updated the source and binaries, added IConsoleHost interface
- I am having issues updating the SVN, so the source-code is for now available as a download only


View Online Demo here

The demo application only supports a limited set of commands, some examples include
- HELP - Lists the currently avalible/registered script-actions (ie. commands)
- MEMINFO - Provides memory consumption info, use with -g switch to force garbage collection
- COUNTDOWN - Provides a countdown timer, specify time eg. "countdown 0:00:10" (without quotes)
for a 10 sec countdown
- SETWALLPAPER - Sets the wallpaper currently visible in the background eg.
"setwallpaper -url:" (without quotes)
or "setwallpaper" (without quotes)


- Introducing Silverlight Console

Uses nRoute.Toolkit

Download from

- Command-Line Parser by Richard Lopes with enhancements by Jake Ginnivan
- Beep Sound from
- Vista Button in sample app from
- Wallpaper in sample app from

More details and posts to follow..

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